ICMediaDirect is a leading online reputation management company with offices in New York City and Washington, D.C. The company is proud of its successful track record of helping clients to maximize their Internet presence. Thanks to their extensive network of professional marketing strategies, supported by state-of-the-art technologies and an experienced and professional team, IC Media Direct is able to optimize Google search results to present clients according to their wishes. This happens by moving down less desirable search results and replacing unwanted content with positive or neutral information about the client. With almost 20 years of experience in this industry, ICMediaDirect expertly creates positive content and distributes it by utilizing a great variety of channels.

Founded in 1996, ICMediaDirect has grown into a widely respected force in the industry and now provides its services worldwide. Advertisement and online reputation packages come customized for each individual or company based on their specific needs and have vastly improved the Internet images of professional athletes, politicians, executive-level bankers, fortune top 500 CEOs, top motivational speakers, high-end celebrity jewelers, music agents, artists, and many more. Around the country, major marketing conferences and events frequently benefit from ICMediaDirect’s participation and sponsorships, including Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, SES, and the upcoming ad:tech conference in New York, where companies and individuals from the advertising and technology world converge to exchange ideas, listen to keynote speakers talk on current topics, and contribute to industry trends and initiatives.

ICMediaDirect works not only to keep up its high standards in terms of corporate values and optimized customer service, but also to uphold their belief that a successful company bears the social responsibility to help the world at large. IC Media Direct supports several non-profit organizations such as the Jewish National Fund, the American Jewish World Service, and the AJC Global Jewish Advocacy, helping families in need in countries throughout the world.